The Black MambaEdit

The line follower Robot is one of the simplest of Robotics. There are many algorithms to make a line follower work. It can be as simple as a few NAND gates and 3 sensors. More number of the line sensors, more accurate the robot will be. Here's a line chaser we have made. It consists of 5 Infrared ground sensors. It is controlled by an on-board Atmega16 microcontroller. The vehicle is moved by two geared motors each of 300 rpm(planning to make it 100 rpm) attached to back wheels. A freewheel is provided at the front.


  • The Black Mamba Block Diagram
  • The driver program


  • More number of Sensors
  • Upgrade the motor to 100 rpm
  • Improve the line sensing Algorithm
  • Add wall sensing capabilities (see: Ranging Methods )

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